Bodo on cover of SonderZine

Isabel Lau, the publisher, found that alternative lifestyles often integrate travel into everyday life and the practice of minimalism. The zine features interviews, stories and photographs from people living in vans, tiny houses and treehouses in Australia, Europe and North America. There are also beautiful illustrations and paintings scattered throughout the issue. Bodo is not […]


Vanlife in Ecuador Hello, Ola! How good is life in a van? And how good is it, if you are on a roadtrip trough Ecuador? Life can’t get any better! Vanlife adventures I guess we have plenty of adventures ahead of us. Life is sooo good! Enjoy Bodo


Colombia bus tours Ola!  Panama was awesome, we had the best time ever. Now we are in Colombia and it is just as good.  Roadtrip Colombia Have you been? Any tips? Any great places? Beaches? Cafes? I guess anything is great!  See you Bodo


Vanlife in Panama Hi all, whooopwhooop, I am in Panama. It has always been a dream to travel through Panama. Vanlife adventures in Panama It is such a great country. Great outdoors, great food, great weather, great sports, great beaches….great life! Having a great drink now 😉 Cheers Bodo