Bodo on cover of SonderZine

Isabel Lau, the publisher, found that alternative lifestyles often integrate travel into everyday life and the practice of minimalism. The zine features interviews, stories and photographs from people living in vans, tiny houses and treehouses in Australia, Europe and North America. There are also beautiful illustrations and paintings scattered throughout the issue. Bodo is not […]

Vanlife music

Vanlife music It has gotten a bit cold outside and we moved inside. That’s pretty cool, as there is a piano here and people, that can play it…and sing. Sound of music Winter could not be more relaxing. Sending some warm wishes. Bodo

Life long learning

Vanlife adventures We are back at the Deutsche Museum in Munich. It has sooo much on offer and we love to hang out here, read and learn new stuff. Life long learning No matter what area of life, I am sure the Deutsche Museum has something on display for you! Come join Bodo

Swiss mountain love

Vanlife in the mountains Hello all! Looks like we enjoyed this area so much…we just stayed a bit longer.  Outdoor adventures And fall ist just such a great time of the year too! Look at the colors. Love Bodo

Massiv Bernina massif

Massiv massif Grüzi from Switzerland! I always thought St Moritz and surroundings are pretty snobbish and not worth a visit…oh, was I wrong. Vanlife in the Bernina massif We are surrounded by massiv beauty. Love the Bernina massif. Grüzi Bodo

Bodo in Bodö

Bodo in Bodö Hehe, hi! I like this city 😉 Bodo in Bodö! Vanlife at the fjord We are at the ferry terminal now, but wonder, where we end up for the night. The Saltefjord is just around the corner. Greetings Bodo

Bus on ferry

Van on a ferry Hi all, we are on the ferry between Lofoten and Bodo. You can see the Lofoten in the back.  Bodos bus on a ferry Thanks god the weather is fine and the ferry ride is smooth and calm. I’m not so much of a boat person. I prefer my bus.  Greetings […]

Norways Fjord-Life

Norway at it’s best Hi all, the Lofoten are just such a stunning place. This tranquil nature is just so calming.  Vanlife in Norway Sending best wishes to the rest of the world! Please be aware of this unique planet and protect it! See you Bodo

Neither way Norway!

  Bodo in Norway Hello world, we are still in Norway and loving every bit of it. There is so much great nature and we can’t get enough of sitting and watching it. Beach bus Even tough it is quite cold, it can not get much better. If we are too cold, we just move […]

Life on the Lofoten

Up North vanlife Hi all, we made it up North…all the way up to Norway…to the Lofoten. This is another outdoor heaven, nature at it’s best.  Lucky vanlife I’m thankful, that I have my lovely bus and get to travel with all my belongings in such amazing places. I hope I can keep traveling the […]