Bodo on cover of SonderZine

Isabel Lau, the publisher, found that alternative lifestyles often integrate travel into everyday life and the practice of minimalism. The zine features interviews, stories and photographs from people living in vans, tiny houses and treehouses in Australia, Europe and North America. There are also beautiful illustrations and paintings scattered throughout the issue. Bodo is not […]

Jungle camp

      Touring Australia Hi all, Australia has so much to offer, look at this great hike along this nice bridge….and the jungle around. Just awesome! Bodo in Australia Have you been in Australia? Where? What did you like best? Where did you camp? Enjoy your travels Bodo

Quarantine Station

  Vanlife @thebeach Hi! This beach has seen some history! Back in the days, this was the site of the Quarantine Station: The practice of quarantine began during the 14th century in an effort to protect coastal cities from  plague epidemics. Ships arriving in Venice from infected ports were required to sit at anchor for […]

Winter waves

    Beach bus Hi beach lovers! This is one of my favorite spots: Freshwater Beach in Sydney. It is just such a chilled place. Vanlife heaven Come join for a surf, a run, a chat, a beer, or plenty of fun! See you there Bodo

Life Saver on duty

Safe swimming Hey all, as I’m a Life Saver (usually retired), I still love to come back to work! North Curl Curl beach is safe today, I’m on duty! Bodo the Life Saver Come join us for a swim in the rock pool! See you Bodo

Road trip through Aussie

Aussie vanlife Hey all,  we are still in Aussieland and have to decide where to next? By bus? Train?  Vanlife in Oz No matter where we go, we always have a great time. Australia is just such an awesome place to be. Enjoy Bodo

Manly Dam

Nature reserve  Hey all,  we decided to go for a hike around Manly Dam. Wow, what an awesome spot to finde some tranquil nature.  Outdoor vanlife Plan a stop here and do the hike! You will not be disappointed!  See you Bodo


Beach life How lucky am I? Hi, all! Today is just another outstanding day in Manly. Weather is perfect, sun is shining, there are enough Life Savers on duty and I can relax. Relaxed vanlife No matter, what you are looking for, Manly has plenty on offer. Sports, water, sand, sun, food, drinks… Come join […]


Fresh water in Freshwater Anyone up for a surf? Oh, how I love this little beach. I could stay here forever. Surf, swim, sun, beach… Relaxed vanlife But right now I’m chilling and enjoying the view. Pop over for a coffee. Cheers Bodo

Curl Curl

Surf is up Hello from Curl Curl! This is one of my favorite beaches. It is just so chilled here. Just went for a surf, now lunch in my van. Vanlife cooking Are you around? For a surf? A swim? An ice cream? Some fun?  Come say HI Bodo