Bodo on cover of SonderZine

See yourself!

This issue explores non-traditional living spaces; the benefits, hard parts and tiny details. Volume II; Alternative Living


Isabel Lau, the publisher, found that alternative lifestyles often integrate travel into everyday life and the practice of minimalism. The zine features interviews, stories and photographs from people living in vans, tiny houses and treehouses in Australia, Europe and North America. There are also beautiful illustrations and paintings scattered throughout the issue. Bodo is not only on the cover, you can also find a few photos of him in the magazine. Have a look yourself:


About the Author


Hi, I am Bodo, the Life Saver. I tour the world in my yellow VW bus. Feel free to follow my adventures #vanlife or stop over and say HI on any of my profiles @bodosbustours Maybe we meet somwehere in real life! Safe travels Bodo